Asian Honey Garlic Sauce Recipe

Asian Honey Garlic Sauce

A Gluten Free, Vegetarian Recipe
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An Asian Honey Garlic Sauce recipe to compliment your grilled or roasted vegetables.

This Asian Honey Garlic Sauce really adds the finishing touches to your vegetable dishes, and it’s super simple with only six, easy-to-find ingredients.

I’ve been experimenting more with “whole foods” cooking and recipes lately. I’ve always maintained that using good quality ingredients, preparing them the right way, and not screwing them up with excessive seasonings and additives is the best way to make food. I am taking this a step further, and working more with plant-based foods, and this recipe is just another one of my successful experiments.

I prepared roasted cauliflower steaks for an evening meal, and finished the “steaks” with an Asian Honey Garlic Sauce. I seasoned the cauliflower with grapeseed oil*, salt and pepper, and then roasted the cauliflower most of the way in a 425 degree oven. Cauliflower steaks are a fun alternative to regular cauliflower florets. It makes for a pretty presentation, and feels like there’s something substantial on your plate.

Cauliflower Steaks w/ Asian Honey Garlic Sauce

*Grapeseed oil is one of my go-to oils for high temps. It has little to no taste, which makes it ideal for dishes like this where it’s really about bringing out the flavors of the vegetables, and not masking them. Avocado oil is another good alternative.

Once the steaks were most of the way finished, I pulled them out of the oven and generously brushed them with the Asian Honey Garlic Sauce. I popped them back in the 425 degree oven, roasting them the remainder of the way, and baking in the delicious flavors of the sauce. The sauce recipe is included below, and it is gluten freevegetarian, and vegan. In the sauce, I used a lower sugar content honey from Savannah Bee Company – Honey for the Grill. The lower sugar content helps decrease the likelihood it will burn. Any honey will work, however. You can also add more or less honey and sriracha, to taste. I did not salt and pepper the sauce because the cauliflower steaks were already seasoned with both. If your vegetables are not seasoned, you may want S&P to taste as well.