Bill to Identify Gluten in Medicines

Bill to Identify Gluten in Medicines

Gluten can be hidden in a variety of products, which means those with gluten sensitivities and Celiac Disease could be unsuspectedly exposed to gluten. It’s great to see awareness is spreading. A new bill was recently introduced into Congress to require medications to list gluten-related ingredients.

“The Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act of 2015 would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (which does not currently mention gluten) to require all medications intended for human use to disclose whether they contain any ingredient (other than a sugar alcohol) that is derived from a grain or contains the reaction-causing protein.

The bill is intended to help people with Celiac disease avoid gluten. According to a 2012 Mayo Clinic study, 1 in 141 Americans suffer from the disorder.” [Read the full article… Bill to Identify Gluten in Medicines Introduced in Congress]

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