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Chef Bob’s Boutique features private label gluten free flours, coffees, “Heat ‘N Eat” holiday dishes, and handcrafted meat rubs and serving sauces. Items are shipped within the US, or delivered by courier in the Winter Park, Florida area. Chef consultations, over the phone, or in person, are also available! Some items are only available in the Orlando, Florida area – see item descriptions for shipping restrictions.

Enjoy hand crafted gluten free flour blends, produced in a gluten free facility with dedicated equipment. CBGFree flour can be used cup-for-cup in place of regular flour, or instead of other gluten free flour blends. CB’s flour performs identically in terms of taste and texture – it’s so good, you’ll never know it’s missing the gluten! Check out the taste test video below…

Central Florida customers can also pick up CBGFree flour at Jillycakes in Winter Park, as well as enjoy fresh gluten free cupcakes, made daily in a variety of unique flavors.

Ethically sourced, locally roasted coffees are another signature offering of the CB Boutique. RS&H Roasts beans are hand picked by Chef’s Master Coffee Roaster, and expertly roasted in a gluten free facility in Orlando. All flavorings are gluten and allergen free. Enjoy a rich cup of Bob’s “joe”!

Please feel free to email Chef Bob with questions, or let us know if there are additional products you would like to see available in the CB Boutique!

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  1. “This was the best gluten free flour I have ever used. I love that it was “cup for cup”– it was just ready to open and bake. I have a cousin, and he has to have gluten free. I always feel bad because he is so kind hearted and loves dessert, so I have tried to make things in the past. He says they are good, but they don’t look like they are to me! He loved the pumpkin bread and it looked beautiful. I am planning to make him some apple bread soon. Once again, I thank you, and I’m sure I will order again. It was so easy to work with your gluten free flour.”

  2. Chef Bob’s gluten free flour is the best around. I have bought many big brand names and was NOT impressed. I was turned off by the aftertaste from the other big brands. Chef Bob’s flour does not have that horrible aftertaste at all!

  3. “I have tried many commercially available brands of gluten free flour including some that were strictly one type of grain or ones that are blended. The one that we were using before was able to give us a product that was about 80% the same as our standard recipe but there were still visual and taste differences for certain. The value of Chef Bob’s GF Blend is unquestionable. It is not a huge cost savings but the product we are able to put out to our customers is more value to us than saving a ton on the bottom line.”

  4. “The flavor and texture of Chef Bob’s flour were both wonderful. I am an experienced baker and this was a treat for me to use. I made an apple coffee cake with CB’s flour and you could not tell it from regular flour. It was delicious! I also made two pie crusts and they were slightly more crumbly, so I patted them into the pie plates which worked fine. It was wonderful and it was the first time I have had “regular” pie in a year and a half.”