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  • Always a pleasure Orting from Chef Bob's Boutique. I highly recommend the coffee. It tastes great and is beautifully packaged!

    Beth E. Avatar
    Beth E.
  • From the moment you open the bag of Bourbon Barrel Coffee, you know a world of flavor awaits you. Brewing this filled my house with the smell of good, quality coffee and made me thankful to be alive in such an age. The first sip made me forget (for a moment) that my kids were awake and school is still 2 weeks away from starting. What pandemic? What quarantine? What hurricane season? Come at me, 2020...I now have amazing coffee and you cannot steal this joy. Super fast delivery and amazing customer service.

    Ginger P. Avatar
    Ginger P.
  • Chef Bob has outdone himself yet again with this delicious coffee! For a true coffee fan and lover of bourbon, the Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee is the perfect blend of both worlds. This is the perfect blend to jazz up your morning routine or to enjoy after dinner!

    Lindsay G. Avatar
    Lindsay G.
  • Chef Bob is the absolute best! 5 stars! And his line of coffee... knocks it out of the park! Give him a shout! Won’t be disappointed!

    Edward R. Avatar
    Edward R.
  • Chef Bob is an amazing chef and my family and I leverage his culinary services as much as possible. Recently we discovered his aged bourbon barrel coffee! Simply amazing aroma and even better flavor. Highly recommend this coffee.

    Chris B. Avatar
    Chris B.
  • Chief bob’s coffee taste just as heavenly as it smells! One of a kind tree Ripened Pear Coffee is mouth watering just thinking about it. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

    Stephanie S. Avatar
    Stephanie S.
  • Chef Bob’s coffee is prize winning! The Bourbon Barrel coffee has to be my favorite one. All the coffees have such yummy taste, black or with creamer. The best!

    Maria R. Avatar
    Maria R.
  • Chef Bob’s Bourbon Roast is MY coffee. I am committed to buying no other for the rest of my life. It sounds over the top but honestly, the depth of flavor and smoothness is unparalleled. This rich roast is one of the best and most aromatic parts of my day.

    Jane H. Avatar
    Jane H.
  • When I first head about barrel aged coffee, I didn't know what to expect. It took exactly one sip for me to instantly fall in love. Chef Bob's barrel aged coffee is easily the best coffee I've ever had. I make espresso with it and never need to use cream or sugar. On top of that, we make some of the most unique tasting beers with his coffee it at RockPit Brewing. People go nuts over the beers we aged with his coffee and is quickly becoming our go-to for coffee for our coffee beers.Don't hesitate to grab a bag or seven. You won't regret it.

    Chris R. Avatar
    Chris R.
  • I was skeptical at first about the taste of the bourbon barrel coffee, but it is the REAL deal! The coffee is delicious and of the highest quality, but the amazing subtle hints of the bourbon barrel flavor really kick it up several notches. Great way to start a day and a sinful "pick me up" that will not disappoint you!

    David C. Avatar
    David C.
  • I’m always looking for flavorful coffee blends that bring an extra special touch to my mornings (or evenings). After trying Chef Bob Aungst’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, the bar was significantly raised! I’m obsessed with the robust, unique flavor that it provides without any worries of a hangover the next day haha. I highly recommend adding this to your regimen, and I am super excited to try the other seasonal and limited edition flavors that Chef Bob releases from time to time!

    Wesley B. Avatar
    Wesley B.
  • This is THE BEST coffee you can buy! I've been in on the secret since the coffee was only offered "off menu" locally and wow, I'm so thrilled that it's now going national so that everyone has a chance to try some! Bold flavors true to the name on the label. Hoping the Praline and Banana Bread flavors make a comeback for this release!

    Jillian H. Avatar
    Jillian H.
  • Not only is Chef Bob’s coffee the perfect combination of smooth and bold you can’t wait to drink in the morning, it’s also great for gifts! We love gifting Chef Bob’s coffee to friends and family and seeing how excited they are to receive it! One friend even commented to me that Chef Bob’s bourbon pecan coffee is the best coffee she’s ever tasted!

    Stephanie G. Avatar
    Stephanie G.
  • Chef Bob's coffee blends are so smooth and delicious!

    Shelley B. Avatar
    Shelley B.
  • As a coffee lover, Chef Bob’s coffee is my ultimate favorite. I love the Pear coffee for every day drinking and the Bourbon Barrel Aged for special occasions. Both are unique roasts with good flavors, pleasant aftertastes and easy drinkers!

    Kristin N. Avatar
    Kristin N.
  • A wonderful, healthy autumn menu, fish caught locally, cooked to perfection, presented spectacularlyAnd finished with a superb coffee blend that is out of this world (morning or night).And Chef Bob and everyone with him were a delight!Love to do this again real soon!Big fans,Kevin and Lynn

    kevin w. Avatar
    kevin w.
  • positive review Chef Bob has been in our lives for several years, committing a great deal of time and heart to our Toolbox4Life programs. So we don't just like him for his food. HOWEVER, it helps...... Thanksgiving was made more delicious and effortless (for us) with his root vegetables and sweet potatoes. And our holidays were better with the addition of his bourbon-infused coffee. Holy smoke, literally. Smoky and just a little sweet, the coffee is perfect.

    Jane H. Avatar
    Jane H.
  • My wife and I just made a cup of coffee with Chef Bob's beans and it was an amazing way to start our Sunday morning! We love the smooth rich flavors with subtle notes of bourbon and pecans! We can't wait to see how amazing a latte will be with these beans!

    Frederick T. Avatar
    Frederick T.
  • A wonderful, healthy autumn menu, fish caught locally, cooked to perfection, presented spectacularly And finished with a superb coffee blend that is out of this world (morning or night).And Chef Bob and everyone with him were a delight!Love to do this again real soon!Big fans,Kevin and Lynn

    kevin w. Avatar
    kevin w.

About Chef Bob’s Coffees

Chef Bob’s coffees are ethically sourced from small family farms around the world and locally roasted in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in coffees that aren’t the norm – they are unique in taste and flavor profile and unlike any of the thousands of other coffee choices available in the marketplace. 

The Bourbon Barrel Aged roasts are rested in retired Garrison Brothers™ bourbon barrels for 40 days. During this time, the beans are infused with the essence of bourbon, and then roasted where just enough of the bourbon notes carry through and flavor each cup of coffee. Each bag is then hand numbered by Chef Bob with only 40 bags coming from each batch. There is no alcohol content in the beans. They absorb the essence in flavor and smell, but do not retain the alcohol from the retired barrels during the roasting process.

The Artisan Roasts are the result of Chef Bob’s quest to elevate coffee to an art form. Each bag contains premium roasts and flavored coffees designed to “brew to woo”! The labels are a work of art in themselves, designed by artist, John Horrell. From bean to bag to brew, the Artisan line pays homage to art and culture and the richness it adds to our lives.

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