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Chef Bob’s Gift Guide

5 Gifts for Lovers of Food & Coffee


Looking for something unique, special and truly memorable? These 5 gifts from Chef Bob’s offerings will do just the trick!

1. Artisan Roasts Holiday Gift Packs

Coffee Gift Packs

Build your own coffee gift packs from the Artisan Roasts line of coffee! Each gift pack includes two 12 oz bags of whole bean coffee in your chosen roasts. They are packed in a gift box with colorful crinkle paper and ready for gifting!


  • 2 bags of coffee + gift packaging: $33.98
  • FREE Shipping on orders over $50

Coffee + Candle Gift Packs

Chef Bob is excited to collaborate with Noelle’s Candle Company to offer select Artisan Roasts and its matching coffee-scented candle. Gift boxed with colorful crinkle paper, choose between Creme Brulee, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and Tree Ripened Pear.


  • 1 bag of coffee + 1 coffee candle + gift packaging: $34.99
  • FREE Shipping on orders over $50

Want to gift your own brand of coffee? We’ll be happy to send unlabeled bags and you can make your own custom labels for an extra special touch! Contact us to discuss this option further.

2. Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

The Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffees are perfect for the coffee lover that’s already tried it all! Unique and completely different than anything on the market, our Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee is rested in retired Garrison Brothers Distillery bourbon barrels for 40 days and then expertly roasted. No shortcuts are taken in this process – it’s a true labor of love that infuses the beans with delicious bourbon notes. The final product is a bold, yet smooth coffee that’s easy drinking. A must when “something different” is just what Santa’s looking for!


  • $ 24.99 / 12 oz bag
  • FREE Shipping on orders over $50

3. Private Cooking Lessons

Regardless of age or culinary skill level, Chef can tailor cooking lessons to your budget and preferences. Single courses, or a series of classes – this is a custom gift that’s just the right size!

Cooking Class Suggestions:

  • Culinary Instruction for Kids, 17 and Under >> a series of classes culminating in a formal dinner prepared by the student and showcasing his or her new skills.
  • Grilling & Chilling, men’s course >> a cooking class that’s focused on perfectly grilled meats, veggies and other manly techniques like cold smoking.
  • Girls’ Night, girlfriends cooking for 4-8 friends >> a group culinary experience with cooking, wine and a celebration of friendship.

Cooking lessons are available in the Central Florida area. They are typically scheduled at the student’s home, or an appliance showroom. Chef Bob is available to travel to locations outside Central Florida (a travel fee applies), or available to do virtual cooking lessons through video conferencing.


  • Starting at $175, depending upon format, number of participants, location, and menu

4. Phone-A-Chef Consultations

Chef frequently receives calls and texts from friends, family and clients who need help with a minor cooking challenge – scaling a recipe, altering a recipe to meet a particular dietary need, crafting a menu for a dinner party or milestone celebration, outlining a timeline for meal prep and execution for a gathering or holiday meal. Around the holidays, customers take extra advantage of the Phone-A-Chef Consultations. Gift 1, 2, 3 or 4 Phone-A-Chef Consultations for gifting (or save them for yourself!).


  • One 15 minutes or less phone call or video conference: $35
  • Two or more, 15 minutes or less each phone call or video conference: $32.50/each

5. Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee BARREL Program

A little more expensive, but ultra cool for lovers of bourbon and coffee… we’re offering a FREE bourbon barrel with the purchase of 40 bags of Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, or Bourbon Barrel Pecan Pie, or a combo of both.

How it Works:

The initial shipment includes 1 retired Garrison Brothers Distillery custom bourbon barrel (25 gallon size) plus 4 one-pound (16 oz) bags of coffee out of that barrel.

Each month thereafter for 12 months, 3 one-pound (16 oz) bags of coffee will be shipped to the recipient. These can be Bourbon Barrel Aged, or Bourbon Barrel Pecan Pie, or a combination of the two (chosen with the first shipment).

Members of the barrel program enjoy 16 oz bags at 12 oz prices!

Pricing Options:

  • One payment of $1,524.64 >> Includes a bourbon barrel & shipping to the recipient plus 40 one-pound bags of coffee + postage (4 initially and 3 each month after that for 12 months).
  • One payment of $265 + 12 monthly payments of $104.97 >> Includes a bourbon barrel & shipping to the recipient plus 40 one-pound bags of coffee + postage (4 initially and 3 each month after that for 12 months).

This is a brand new offering with limited availability. Contact Chef Bob to discuss further!