Chef Bob's Sunday Supper

Chef Bob’s 2nd Sunday Supper

2nd Sunday Supper w/ St. Aug Distillery, Tartufo Prestige.

For Immediate Release, 8/12/19

Chef Bob’s Sunday Supper, Hosted by St. Augustine Distillery

Chef Bob Aungst continues his Sunday Supper series featuring a “Cocktails & Caviar” theme in partnership with St. Augustine Distillery, Lombardi’s Seafood, Tartufo Prestige, and Celebrity Chef For You

Join us as part of a live audience for the next Chef Bob’s Sunday Supper – Cocktails & Caviar –  in St. Augustine, Florida at the well-known St. Augustine Distillery. On November 10, 2019 from 6pm-9pm, guests will enjoy three culinary demos from Chef Bob while sipping on cocktail pairings by St. Augustine Distillery in the Distillery’s Museum and Theatre. Attendees will learn tips and tricks for selecting and serving caviar, oysters and fresh truffles (subterranean mushrooms). The evening also includes a full Russian-themed Sunday Supper and more handcrafted St. Augustine Distillery cocktails.

“The St. Augustine Distillery is thrilled to host Chef Bob’s Sunday Supper! We will be featuring our locally made Vodka, Gin, Rum and Bourbon paired with Chef Bob’s creations. Our brand ambassador will be talking through each spirit and how it pairs with the selected dishes. We are looking forward to a wonderful evening filled with local spirits, cuisine and great company.”

-St. Augustine Distillery

This will be Chef Bob’s second Sunday Supper. The first Sunday Supper happened on Sunday, July 28, 2019 and was hosted by Lombardi’s Seafood in Winter Park, Florida. Guests enjoyed culinary demonstrations and a seafood feast featuring oysters, king crab legs, and live Maine lobsters. Rockpit Brewing crafted three beers to pair with the seafood, and the evening was capped off with Lombardi’s famous Key Lime Pie.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience, content and food from our first Sunday Supper. Now we’re taking the idea to St. Augustine and giving guests a unique, high-end culinary experience like none other.” 

-Chef Bob Aungst

Caviar tends to fall victim to many misconceptions. The truth is, there is a wide spectrum in caviar quality, and while good caviar is an expensive ingredient, a little bit goes a long way and can really add flavor to dishes. Chef Bob and Mike Lombardi will educate guests on how to select good quality caviar and use it properly to accent flavor and garnish food. Attendees might be surprised how much they actually enjoy the addition of caviar to some of their favorite foods.

“We’re always in for a good time when we work with Chef Bob! We’re happy to provide the highest quality seafood for what is sure to be a memorable Sunday Supper once again.”  

-Mike Lombardi, Lombardi’s Seafood

Truffles are another ingredient that are often imitated and poorly executed in foods. Many places use a form of “truffle oil” in French fries, but it’s rarely a high quality, pure truffle oil. Truffles are part of the mushroom family, but there are some key differences: they grow underground, attached to tree roots, and are only available for a short time period each year. They are very difficult to cultivate on farms, making them a bit of a rarity and expensive. However, they can really elevate a dish, when used correctly. Tartufo Prestige US, a provider of premium truffles, will teach guests about the ins and outs of truffle selection, while Chef Bob demonstrates easy ways to incorporate them into your food, without breaking the bank.

“Tartufo Prestige US is super excited to showcase our premium truffle products through the skills and talent of Celebrity Chef Bob Aungst. We’re certain guests will enjoy experiencing and learning about fresh truffles in combination with all of the other incredible ingredients.”

-Kevin Hudson, Tartufo Prestige US Central Florida General Manager

Menu & Culinary Demos

Being a guest at Chef Bob’s Sunday Supper Table has many perks, including up-close and personal access to live culinary demonstrations, incredible food and drinks, and great entertainment – it’s a very special “dinner and a show” experience.

  • Cocktail Half Hour: Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie + St. Augustine Signature Cocktail
  • Culinary Demo #1: Chef Bob’s Cold Smoking Process w/ Cold Smoked Oysters in St. Augustine Vodka Shooters
  • Culinary Demo #2: Caviar 101 w/ a Caviar Trio of Caviar Topped Deviled Eggs, Seabass Sashimi, and Beef Carpaccio + St. Augustine Signature Cocktail Pairings
  • Culinary Demo #3: Truffles & Truffle Oils w/ Purple Potatoes Topped with Horseradish Cream, Truffles and Gold Flake + St. Augustine Signature Cocktail
  • Russian Czar Sunday Supper: Goulash over Pappardelle, Red Cabbage, Potato Salad, Sweet & Savory Crepes with Caviar

What You Need to Know

It’s not too early to reserve your seat for this one-of-a-kind event! There are only 40 seats available at Chef Bob’s Sunday Supper table. Tickets include all food and alcohol.

About Chef Bob’s Sunday Supper Partners

Chef Bob Aungst handcrafts culinary experiences for lovers of food and spirits. He’s based in Central Florida, and travels worldwide to serve celebrities, political leaders, professional athletes, VIPs, and luxury brands at large and small special events.

St. Augustine Distillery, located in the nation’s oldest city, distills small batch spirits in a restored historic ice plant. Their craft spirits are produced from locally sourced ingredients to create whiskey, rum, vodka, and gin for their handcrafted cocktails. 

Tartufo Prestige US is well-known for providing fresh truffles and truffle products of the highest quality for professional use by chefs. A variety of truffles are available as they are collected year-round and can vary with seasonality. 

Lombardi’s Seafood is a third-generation retail and wholesale premium seafood company. A fixture of the Winter Park community, Lombardi’s offers the freshest selection of seafood and serves up seafood favorites in the cafe.Celebrity Chef 4 You blog celebrates the accomplishments of local chefs in the community. Celebrity Chef 4 You is partnering with CB’s Sunday Supper series as the event’s video producer and leading area blogger.