Chef Staffing

League of Extraordinary Chefs

Short-Term, Long-Term & Permanent Chef Staffing

“If you want a rock star, call us. If you want a temp, call someone else!”

– Chef Bob Aungst, League of Extraordinary Chefs

Large-scale sporting and entertainment events, resorts with seasonal peak occupancy periods, hotels, arenas, and concert venues all rely on Chef Bob’s League of Extraordinary Chefs for rock star, VIP chefs for short and long-term placements. The League is comprised of highly-skilled, experienced chefs with a proven track record of elevating food and beverage experiences for guests and clients. Every chef in the League has been thoroughly vetted and meets a rigorous set of standards and qualifications. They are required to adhere to a strict code of conduct, maintaining professionalism on and off the clock at staffing placements.

We offer chefs for the following placements:

  • Short-Term (up to 5 days)
  • Medium-Term (6-14 days)
  • Long-Term (15+ days)
  • Permanent