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RS&H Roasts Pecan Butterscotch Coffee With a Little Extra Cheer

There’s still time to claim a bag of RS&H Roasts Pecan Butterscotch Coffee for a cheerful New Year! I’ve included a recipe below for a Coffee Hotty Toddy that will warm you up, and start 2018 off the right way.

Coffee Drink Recipe

Pecan Butterscotch Coffee

The RS&H Roasts are roasted locally, in Orlando, Florida by an expert coffee roaster. I’ve worked with Gus for several years, and he has a knack for finding the best quality beans. He’s careful to maintain the purity, and uses only allergen and gluten free flavorings for the flavored roasts. His facility is also 100% gluten free (some facilities, including well-known mainstream brands, flour the belts that carry the beans, causing some coffee to no longer be gluten free).

I work with Gus to handcraft each flavor that I offer under the RS&H Roasts label. The Pecan Butterscotch is one of my newest seasonal flavors, and it’s been a huge hit! Toasty notes of rich pecans compliment a mild buttery sweetness from the butterscotch. Flavored coffees need a little cream and sugar to bring out the flavor. They can still be enjoyed black, but the flavors really shine with a little sweetness. I prefer a non dairy creamer, such as almond or coconut milks, and I use coconut sugar, or a little honey.

Coffee Special

Order a bag of Pecan Butterscotch Coffee today, and receive 4 ounces extra, for free! Local customers, in the central Florida area, will receive their coffee in time for New Year’s Eve (and more importantly New Year’s Day morning!).