Turkey Breast

Turkey Breast with Essential Oils

Lock in flavor with this Turkey Breast with Essential Oils recipe

Lock In Flavor with a Slow Cooker Recipe for Turkey Breast

Different parts of the turkey cook at different rates. This makes cooking a full intact bird difficult. If you are open to buying individual cuts of turkey, you can prepare each cut so it turns out perfectly on its own. This Thanksgiving, I will be hosting a smaller crowd, so I’ve opted to make a bone-in turkey breast in the crockpot and roast turkey legs in the oven. This recipe yields a wonderfully tender, juicy and exceptionally delicious turkey breast. The crockpot keeps it moist so it won’t dry out in the oven while the rest of the bird finishes cooking, and it frees up valuable cooking space so you can bake and roast other dishes.

For an extra pop of flavor, I’ve added drops of essential oils while the bird rests, before slicing. I suggest rosemary and thyme oils, which will compliment the real sprigs stuffed in the breast cavity.

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