Cold Smoked Ice Cream Fox 35 Chef Bob

Fox 35 Orlando: Cold Smoked Ice Cream

Cold Smoked Ice Cream on Fox 35 Orlando

Chef Bob Joins Amy Kaufeldt and Danielle Knox on Good Day Orlando

In honor of Chef Bob’s newly appointed honor of Chef of the Year for the state of Florida, Fox 35 Orlando invited him to the morning show. CB joined long-time friend, Amy Kaufeldt and morning anchor, Danielle Knox for a cold smoking demonstration featuring Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream.

Chef Bob does the cold smoked ice cream demonstration across the country as part of his “Bourbon-Inspired Culinary Journey” events, which pair dishes that include bourbon along with CB’s private selection of unique, interesting and rare bourbons. CB also incorporates bourbon into his coffee roasts, which are “aged” in retired bourbon barrels for 40 days to infuse the coffee beans with the rich bourbon notes. Visit the CB Boutique to learn more about the Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee.

Cold smoking is one of CB’s favorite techniques. It infuses a delicious smoky flavor into foods and beverages without adding heat to the item, as would be the case with hot smoking (like in a smoke box or traditional smoker). Ice cream, lettuce leaves, cheeses, beer, and raw oysters are all excellent candidates for a cold smoke treatment. Chef Bob previously partnered with Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company to offer cold smoked beers and oysters: Half Shells + Half Pints.

Cold Smoked Ice Cream Demo on Fox 35 Orlando

Watch the replay of Chef Bob’s cold smoked ice cream segment on Good Day Orlando.