Gluten Free Turkey Gravy with Pink Peppercorns

Gluten Free Turkey Gravy with Pink Peppercorns

Pink Peppercorn Turkey Gravy
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Gravy is one of my favorites, and I love the holiday season where gravy gets to be one of the stars of traditional menus. I wanted to put a new spin on traditional gravy, and make gluten free turkey gravy with my gluten free flour, as well as add a pop of color and mild flavor from pink peppercorns.

Pink Peppercorns

Gluten Free Turkey Gravy with Pink Peppercorns

There are five colors of peppercorns: black, red, pink, green, and white. All but the pink peppercorns are from a perennial flowering vine. The flavors and aromas depend upon harvest, processing and handling.

Black peppercorns are hot and pungent. White pepper, used extensively in Asian cuisines, can be equally as pungent with a mild wine-like taste. Green peppercorns have about one-third the heat and pungency of the black. (Source

Pink peppercorns are actually berries, which makes them softer and “crushable” in the palm of your hand. For this recipe, you can grind the peppercorns by hand, with a mortar and pestle, or in a pepper grinder/mill.

Chef Bob’s Gluten Free Flour

I produce my own blend of gluten free flour. It was designed from much trial and error, with the ultimate product producing gluten free baked goods, sauces and gravies that taste just as great as their gluten containing counterparts! Cup for cup, it performs very well and is easy to substitute in your favorite recipes. If you’re interested in purchasing some of my gluten free flour, you may contact me directly.

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