Sous Vide Chicken Wings Finished on the Grill

Chef Chris’s Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings, finished on the grill – Chef Chris style!
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Chicken Wings Finished on the Grill

Good chicken wings are hard to come by – great ones are almost impossible! Last weekend, my dear friend, Chef Chris Dancesia and I got to hang out in the backyard and make his incredible duck fat confit chicken wings. We then took the wings and finished them on a Green Egg grill and topped them with a honey butter garlic sauce. These wings turned out great! The plate was licked clean and we’re all ready for another order.

Tricks of the Trade: Chef Tips

People often ask me what the secret is to making great food. One of the simplest tips I can give any cook, home chef, or weekend grill master is to start with great ingredients, keep it simple and don’t get in their way. You don’t need 45 ingredients in a recipe to make it amazing. If you start with quality and include a few ingredients that will accent, not mask or hide the natural flavors, and prepare the dish right, you’re sure to have a home run.

One of the things I appreciate about this recipe is its simplicity. These wings come out tender, flavorful and still plump. One of the drawbacks to frying wings is that they shrink in the fryer. This method of roasting in the duck fat and finishing on the grill keeps all the juices in the wings. It’s truly a recipe for wing lovers and haters alike – it’s impossible to not like these wings! Chef Chris did a great job researching methods and has found a winning combination.

Using Truffle Products in Your Wing Sauce

I’m a big fan of Tartufo Prestige‘s truffles and truffle products. They source straight from the wild in Europe (truffles are almost impossible to farm and never as good farmed as fresh), and have a great selection of premium products that will really elevate dishes. It’s key to remember that a little truffle goes a long ways, so while truffles and truffle products are expensive, you can stretch them by using them as they are best – an accent only and not the star of the show.

We used Tartufo‘s Truffle Honey and Truffle Sea Salt in the Honey Butter Garlic Sauce. Again, just a pinch goes a long ways and really kicks the flavors up in this recipe. The sauce turned out phenomenal with an incredible balance of sweetness and garlic and a hint of truffle. If you don’t have these products on hand, regular sea salt and a light colored honey will work as alternatives.

A Couple Chefs at the Beach

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