How to Blab

How to Join a Blab Live Stream

What is Blab? is a relatively new live video streaming platfHow to Join a Blab Sessionorm that allows users to create an online talk show, live, unscripted and in-the-moment. It’s quickly gaining in popularity due to its ease of use, and the ability to connect with people all over the planet with the simple click of a button. When you join a Blab, you will see four screens for hosts and live guests to join in. You won’t be on camera unless you ask to take an open seat in one of the windows.

How to join a Blab

Joining a Blab session is easy! Just follow these tips…

  • Blab works best in the Chrome or Firefox browsers, or on the iPhone App
  • You will need a Twitter account to connect with Blab. This will allow you to live tweet about the session, as well as connect with other Twitter followers. If you don’t have an account, you can quickly create one for free!
  • Once you have Chrome, Firefox or the iPhone App, visit Blab through the internet or the app, and then search for the Blab session you would like to attend by name. You can also search through the “Upcoming” or “On Air” lists to find a session. Go ahead and Subscribe to the Blab when you’ve found one!
  • You can post a tweet and Facebook message once you’ve subscribed, which will share it with your fans and followers.Blab props to show love for Blabbers
  • During the session, you will not be on camera unless you ask to take a seat at one of the cameras by clicking “Go On Air” in an open screen. Go ahead and join in–this is an interactive and engaging platform, and the sessions are made richer by participation. The host must accept your request to go on air. You can also chat throughout the session in the chat box, or give props (the little hands symbol) to a live guest–go on, share a little love!

Blabs are happening all the time about all sorts of content. Pop into some sessions–you never know who you might find!

Chef Bob’s Blabs

Chef Bob is currently developing a new Blab series called Gluten Free Unplugged, which launched Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 2pm ET. The replay is embedded into the blog post linked above (Blabs can be recorded by the hosts and set to replay later, so don’t worry if you aren’t available for the live action). He’ll be visiting area gluten free restaurants, bakeries, and eateries to discuss gluten free offerings, as well as a look behind the scenes, and hosting special guest appearances by gluten free gurus!

CB will also be partnering with Monark Home for cooking demonstration Blabs showcasing the special features of their premium lines of kitchen appliances. Watch the March session replay: A Hearty St. Pat’s with Sub-Zero Wolf.

Watch for additional Blabs, announced through Facebook and Twitter.

Blab Session Screenshots

Blab Session in Chrome
A Blab session on the Chrome browser. The chat box is on the right.
Blab Session on iPhone App
A Blab session in the iPhone App. The chat box is on the bottom.

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