Chef Bob Orlando

Meet Chef Bob

Who is Chef Bob?

Chef Bob Aungst is a New England native that grew up in New Jersey and launched his career in upstate New York. He was classically trained at Schenectady College graduating with a Culinary Arts degree following a successful career as a real estate broker. In his 25+ years in hospitality, he has worked some of the largest sporting, political, and private events, including the Kentucky Derby, US Open tennis tournament, Presidential Inaugurations, and the Super Bowl. He’s had the pleasure of serving four U.S. Presidents, numerous members of Royal Courts, and countless political leaders. On average, he oversees the service or preparation of 2 million meals each year. Due to recent societal changes, Chef Bob has expanded his offerings into the virtual event space and is on track to host over 500 hours of handcrafted culinary experiences through livestreaming platforms.

Why Hire Chef Bob?

Chef Bob is unique in that he’s both an artist and a manager. His many years of experience in the hospitality industry have given him an acute understanding of both “front of house” and “back of house” operations. He enjoys both the attention to details that make an event a special experience, and the craft of creating a menu that will impress even the most discerning of guests. Your event, milestone celebration, interactive dinner, team building, or intimate dining experience will be special and one of a kind. Each of Chef Bob’s events are created around a handcrafted menu. You won’t choose from a preset of food groupings, but instead, give life to the dream event you envision. With Chef Bob, it’s about the relationship and the experience–the connection doesn’t end when the event is over. Clients remain lifelong friends and customers.

The Rocks, Sticks & Hell Story

Rebranded & Relaunched: 7/28/2014

During the Spring of 2014, little did anyone realize that an obscure request, at a ridiculous hour of the night would lead to the creation of Rocks, Sticks & Hell brand. An abridged recount of that evening follows.

It was midnight in a quaint house in central Florida….

MRS CB: “I want chocolate cake… with homemade frosting…. please.”

Chef Bob: “Do we have the ingredients for frosting, honey?”

MRS CB: “We have these chocolate bars from last Christmas, mint chocolate cocoa powder, and half a sea salt almond chocolate bar… will that work??”

Chef Bob: “How about corn syrup?”

MRS CB: “Ummm.. no, I can’t have that.. can you use honey, or agave…?”

Chef Bob: “Heavy cream?”

MRS CB: “No. I have buttermilk though! And there’s only two eggs… Can you make up the difference with six quail eggs for the cake?”

These ingredients, now affectionately referred to as rocks, sticks and hell, were transformed that night, into a gluten free chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. From seemingly nothing, something was created–a challenge Chef excitedly tackled. Chocolate frosting has few ingredients, and is not a complex process, but the opportunity to use unusual or odd ingredients, which were on hand at that moment was thrilling, intriguing, perplexing, and delightfully fun.

This was the genesis for ROCKS, STICKS & HELL, and the basis for the Chef Bob Aungst brand. In the end, it’s all a transformation process, turning nothing into something…

Visit Chef Bob’s Recipe Box

Some of Chef Bob’s favorite recipes are offered in his online recipe box!

Chef Bob’s Corporate Partnerships

Chef Bob is proud to partner with large and small brands alike. He incorporates products and services from partner brands into events, creating an experience that builds brands, as well as memories for the guests, and ultimately strong brand loyalty.