Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil

CB Favorites: Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil Supplement

Fish Oil has long been an important supplement in my diet. As with most supplements, not all available fish oils are treated equally in terms of quality.

I added the Life & Food brand Omega-3 Supreme Strength Fish Oil to my vitamin and supplement diet overOmega-3 Supreme Fish Oil the last 30 days and have to say that it has helped me stay healthier.  The benefits I’ve seen from taking this twice daily is better memory and brain function, increased flexibility in my joints and overall better appearance with regards to skin tone, especially around my eyes. Side effects from this supplement can cause a fishy taste in your mouth, fishy breath (which I’m sure my girlfriend would not appreciate), stomach upset and nausea.  The product I’ve been taking from Life & Food has had none of these side effects at all.  I recommend the Life & Food brand, and will continue to take it to improve my health overall, and especially for the benefits to my heart. This fish oil is of excellent quality, and packaged well to prevent deterioration of the supplement due to light exposure. #LifeFood 

I was compensated with samples of Omega-3 Supreme Strength Fish Oil in exchange for an honest review of my experience with the product. The Life & Food brand Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement can be purchased through