Orlando Celiac Support

Orlando Celiac Support

Chef Bob is proud to support Celiac Awareness and Gluten Free Living. Enjoy special events featuring handcrafted, gluten free, Celiac safe foods, as well as gluten free food offerings for your “Heat ‘N Eat”, “Take ‘N Bake” needs.

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Gluten Free Events & Foods by Chef Bob

Celiac Safe Catering by Orlando’s Only Gluten Free Chef

Chef Bob: Orlando's only Gluten Free Chef

Personalized. Customized. Handcrafted. Celiac Safe.

Enjoy hosting a social event with the help of Chef Bob and the Rocks, Sticks & Hell Team! Chef handcrafts each menu to meet your vision, theme, budget and dietary needs. He gladly accepts parties as small as two, and as large as 1,000 plus. Whether you want to have an intimate private dinner to celebrate a special occasion, or you’re looking for something larger for a milestone life event such as an engagement party, wedding, rehearsal dinner, baptism, anniversary, graduation, retirement, or anything else in between, contact him to discuss your needs.

Gluten Free Heat ‘N Eat Dishes

Hosting guests, family and friends can be tough for those with guests with gluten sensitivities and other dietary restrictions. Instead of coming up with your own “work-arounds”, order fully prepared dishes from Chef Bob. Each dish is handcrafted and made to order using the highest quality ingredients, and created around your needs. It’s food so great, no one will even notice it’s been modified to exclude gluten or dairy.

Order small tins, which serve 10-12 people, or large tins, which serve 20-24. Take the tins along to your get-togethers, and eliminate the possibility of cross contamination nightmares. Share with others, or keep it all for yourself! Each tin should be refrigerated, or frozen, until use, and simply needs warmed in an oven–heat and eat!

Step It Up With Take ‘N Bake Items

Take ‘N Bake fully prepped prime rib roasts, pot roasts, tenderloins (beef & pork), and roasting chickens and turkeys are also available. All meats and fowl are seasoned (with gluten free seasonings of course) and tied with butcher’s twine (if necessary). Prime rib roasts are packaged with a side of au jus. Baking instructions included, no prep work needed!

See a list of offerings on the Heat ‘N Eat page, or contact Chef Bob directly to discuss your customized package.

Gluten Free Baking with CBGFree Flours

Complete your special occasion with gluten free baked goods made with Chef Bob’s Gluten Free and Vegan Flour Blends. Chef Bob’s flours are identical in flavor, texture, and performance to regular all purpose gluten-filled flours, and in some recipes, taste even better! Don’t believe us…? Check out this taste test! Contact CB for purchasing options.