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Keeping Service in Customer Service

Crawfish on a Plane

Meet Scott Green, President of D.a.T. SaUcE

All businesses strive, or should, to provide exceptional customer service. I know in our businesses we do everything we can to create unique and memorable experiences for our customers and providing outstanding customer service is certainly paramount to that goal. There are times, however, when the cost, time and circumstances outweigh the ability to deliver on promises.

Scott Green, the owner and President of D.a.T SaUcE company, located about an hour west of New Orleans, Louisiana apparently has a different interpretation than most of those limits.

Making Good on Promises

While Scott and I were having a conversation about a New Orleans themed event I was planning, Scott mentioned that he would have some fresh crawfish sent my way the day before the event. I told him that wasn’t necessary, but he thought it would be a great surprise for client and guests, and a memorable experience they weren’t anticipating. I’ve come to realize that telling Scott not to do something he thinks is a good idea, is like trying to tell me to stop telling bad Dad Jokes… a complete waste of time and effort, for sure.

The day before the event I thought it was odd that I hadn’t received any tracking information for the crawfish, but I didn’t think too much about it, until… my doorbell rang in the early afternoon. There in the doorway stood a tall gentleman wearing a D.a.T SaUcE ball cap who introduced himself as Scott Green. He explained that his crawfish guy had failed to follow through and since he had promised me crawfish, he didn’t know what else there was for him to do. Scott got up at 3am, woke up his crawfish guy (who I’m betting will make better reminder notes to himself moving forward), picked up 40 pounds of live crawfish, and headed to the airport. He bought a ticket to Orlando, had a very amusing and lively conversation with the baggage people that included “I don’t care how you need to do it, just get this cooler of live crawfish and ice on that plane with me.” (*See note regarding trying to tell Scott something isn’t a good idea when he thinks it is) Once he landed in Orlando, he rented an SUV and drove to my house.  

Scott stayed with us for the next few days, made the (now infamous) crawfish boil himself and regaled the clients and guests with stories of living in his beloved Bayou. He showed them the “proper” way to enjoy crawfish tails AND heads (trust me, there’s a very wrong way!). 

This was my very first time meeting Scott Green and, 10 days before this, I didn’t even know him. While I had used his products and loved them, I hadn’t even bought any yet. He made me a promise, though, and to Scott Green, a promise is a promise.  I will remember this every time I make a promise to a client, or anyone for that matter, and especially when I’m challenged to keep it. 

I honestly don’t believe there is a length Scott wouldn’t go in order to deliver on a promise, and that is a testament to his success as a businessperson, as well as a quality that makes me honored and blessed to consider him a friend. By the way, his hot sauce and ketchup are phenomenal!

D.a.T. SaUcE and DaT KeTcHuP


Chef Bob Aungst is the Florida Chef of the Year, the Gluten Free Chef of Florida, and a private and corporate chef for clients, brands and organizations around the world. In his 25+ years in hospitality, he has worked some of the largest sporting, political, and private events, including the Kentucky Derby, US Open tennis tournament, Presidential Inaugurations, and the Super Bowl. He’s had the pleasure of serving four U.S. Presidents, numerous members of Royal Courts, and countless political leaders. On average, he oversees the service or preparation of 2 million meals each year. Due to recent societal changes, Chef Bob has expanded his offerings into the virtual event space and is on track to host over 500 hours of handcrafted culinary experiences through livestreaming platforms.