Virtual Culinary Experiences with Chef Bob

Virtual Culinary Experiences

Personalized VIP Experiences Offered in a Professionally Produced Livestream Environment

Take your team, group, party or event on a culinary journey with a virtual culinary experience! Each virtual experience is handcrafted to include and support your brand and message, and create a one-on-one VIP experience in a virtual setting. Attendees receive a branded kit in advance of the livestream, allowing them to follow along and participate at home or in the office.

Hosts or hosting organizations can choose to provide pre-recorded clips, sizzle reels, announcements, or “commercials” to be played for the audience at select moments in the livestream. Hosts or hosting organizations may also choose to participate live through either audio and camera, or just audio.

All Chef Bob Virtual Culinary Experiences are professionally produced for a premium audio/visual experience.

Culinary Experiences Available:

  • Coffee Tasting: guests are guided through a proper coffee tasting. Registrants receive a coffee kit with the selected coffee(s) or white label roast(s) and branded swag items. They will travel around the world without leaving their computer screens and learn how coffee is grown, what makes a great cup of coffee, and how to unlock the hidden flavors in premium roasts.
  • Coffee Cocktails: guests will have the opportunity to shake things up with a coffee cocktail making experience. Registrants receive a cocktail kit with coffee beans or grounds and mixers. Alcohol is not included. This entertaining experience is perfect for a happy hour event!
  • Cooking with Coffee: guests will enjoy a special culinary experience featuring some of Chef Bob’s favorite recipes that include his premium coffees. This is a cooking show like none other – registrants receive a kit with non-perishable ingredients. Perishable ingredients are not included.

Virtual Coffee Tasting Experiences

Virtual Culinary Journeys

Chef Bob Aungst, Florida’s Chef of the Year

Chef Bob Aungst is the Florida Chef of the Year, the Gluten Free Chef of Florida, and a private and corporate chef for clients, brands and organizations around the world. In his 25+ years in hospitality, he has worked some of the largest sporting, political, and private events, including the Kentucky Derby, US Open tennis tournament, Presidential Inaugurations, and the Super Bowl. He’s had the pleasure of serving four U.S. Presidents, numerous members of Royal Courts, and countless political leaders. On average, he oversees the service or preparation of 2 million meals each year. Due to recent societal changes, Chef Bob has expanded his offerings into the virtual event space and is on track to host over 500 hours of handcrafted culinary experiences through livestreaming platforms.